6 Thought Leaders You Should Already be Following on LinkedIn

6 Thought Leaders You Should Already be Following on LinkedIn

By Lauren Bremer

LinkedIn has become the place for healthcare professionals to network and stay current in thought leadership. To get started, here are six impactful LinkedIn accounts exploring the nexus of healthcare, technology, and government.


Brian Ahier: As the Digital Health Evangelist at Aetna, Ahier has been nationally recognized for his work with digital health, analytics, and focus on healthcare and technological advancements.


John Nosta: Nosta is the founder of NOSTALAB – a think tank dedicated to the life science industry. Credited as a top influencer in both health and technology, Nosta’s posts bridge the gap in both industries.


Kip Piper: As President of Health Results Group, LLC, Piper is known for his work on behalf of Medicare and Medicaid. He provides strategic recommendations for advancing healthcare delivery.


Modern Healthcare: With the #1 readership among healthcare executives, Modern Healthcare is a major voice in the industry. Their team comprehensively covers healthcare news across the political, policy, and business spectrums.


American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA): As a non-partisan source for the legal side of healthcare, AHLA unites compliance officers, legal counselors, and government representatives to inform followers of current trends in the U.S.


FHAS: We provide our followers with the most recent information on the healthcare industry from both major publications and our own blog. With an experienced staff of legal, medical, and tech experts, FHAS delivers a unique perspective.