Experienced, Efficient, Effective 

Our Expertise Works to Your Advantage

FHAS handles the toughest, most complex cases with 100% timeliness. As a leading provider of legal support, analysis, adjudication services, and medical claims’ review services, FHAS has processed over 1.4 million written adjudications, reviews, and reports on behalf of government agencies since its foundation. 

FHAS’s professional staff is comprised of :  

  • Attorneys

  • Hearing Officers

  • Technical Writers

  • Physicians

  • Healthcare Claims & Appeals Experts

  • Certified Coders

  • Investigators

  • Nurses

By drawing upon our expertise, FHAS provides a level of service unparalleled in our field. Our value-added customized services include:

  • Expertise in Medicare, Medicaid, government benefit programs, and health plan reimbursements

  • State-of-the art case docketing and management

  • Remote client case access

  • Specialized reports for appeals analysis

  • Automated claims review software that analyzes medical records and renders coverage determinations

Experience ‘FHAST’ Pace

FHAS was founded for, and lives in, the space between problem and solution. At our core, we are a company of problem solvers, decision makers, and headache relievers. Our staff has the education, training, and expertise uncommon to other organizations. And, while our ability may be uncommon, we believe it is our commitment to our clients that truly makes us unique.

FHAS has furnished services as either a prime contractor or subcontractor to:  

  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

  • Department of Homeland Security

  • Department of Justice

  • Pennsylvania Office of General Counsel

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Department of Health and Human Services

  • Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

  • Numerous health plans throughout the United States