The software catalyst for document review automation 

Cogno-Solve is a comprehensive software suite that assimilates required documentation, information, and data regarding a claim, case, or issue and constructs an automated decision. It uses multiple technologies including data organization, optical recognition, and business rule analysis to derive its decisions. Check out the video and white paper below for more information: 

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What can Cogno-Solve do for your organization? 

Cogno-Solve’s business rules engine empowers review staff to create and modify decision paths without any programming. It uses cutting-edge technologies including relational data organization, optical recognition, and business rule analysis to derive its decisions. As new cases pass through the business rules, Cogno-Solve learns from prior decisions, making subsequent decisions more accurate and efficient. 

Long story short, Cogno-Solve accelerates your processes and provides more thorough, consistent, and cost-effective results. 

How does it work?

Cogno-Solve incorporates four essential processing blocks to provide a simplified and clear architecture. 

  • Organization Engine (OR): The OR collects and organizes all case data into object form, and organizing documents and standardizing case data for efficient processing through the business rules.

  • Business Rules Engine (BRE): The BRE provides for the creation and execution of business processes that complement specific case types. This eliminates programming by involving subject matter experts to build and deploy processes in real time. The OR relies on the BRE to ensure all of the data for the case is collected and conforms to the business rules.

  • Document Recognition (OCR): Cogno-Solve reads in documents from multiples sources (fax, email, hard copy, server) in multiple locations. It scans, detects, and verifies the documents within a specific case.

  • Database Cluster (DB): Cogno-Solve’s clustered database stores all case history, outcomes, and necessary data to make determinations.

How much does it cost and how long will it take to implement?

Because Cogno-Solve is a suite of software products, price and implementation schedule will depend upon the unique software package assembled to fit your personalized goals. Contact us today to schedule a live demo with our technical team and discuss a software package that is right for you.