Cogno-Solve as a means of “creative destruction”

Cogno-Solve as a means of “creative destruction”

By Keith Saunders

In 2017, “disruption” has become a familiar buzzword in the world of business. Every new product or software release promises to be an industry disruptor, a promise to revolutionize the way business is done. Disruption to me implies a stand-still or an interruption in the normal flow of business, such as the phone lines turning off. Disruption creates unforeseen challenges and slows down processes while workers experience a learning curve as they adapt to a new process.

I prefer the term “creative destruction,” what I consider to be the next level of disruption. Imagine that instead of waiting for a convoluted solution to get the phone lines back up and running, we tear down an old, worn building to build a new one.

This is precisely what we have set out to do with Cogno-Solve. We’re not just changing the way health care disputes are resolved. We’re destroying old processes within the context of creating more efficient and cost-effective methods. Our ultimate goal is to map the neural pathways of adjudicators, in our case medical professionals, and issue a decision in a timely manner with a much higher degree of consistency and quality by leveraging technology such as artificial intelligence. Cogno-Solve learns as it goes, making each subsequent decision more informed and efficient than the one before.

Not unlike the Industrial Revolution experienced by our forefathers, artificial intelligence deployed virtually overnight and started a cross-industry revolution in its wake. Used in the right way, it can make our world easier and faster to navigate, not harder.

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